year 9 YEAR

YASIK MAKINA has been established by Mehmet and Huseyin Yasik. Yasik machine activities; design of machine, prepare projects to machine protuction and produce machine according to customer demands. To give service to our customers like machine installation trough guarantee time, to provide spare parts of machine and maintanance. GOALS: To be specialize producing composite machine to give best service to our customers. machine, machine production, export of machine, composite machine, special milling machine, pultrizyon machine, composite rod drawing machine, sicof canalize machines, granite cutting machines, ceramic flat-cutting machines, chamfering machine, silicone isolators mold closing, press products, ceramic tape placing netting, automation, ends of the composite beams, calibrated lathe, routine testing machine, tensile strength, tensile strength testing machine, Klinger vacuum presses, automatic sludge cutting machine, porcelain isolators cap assembly machine, crushing machine, porcelain insulators, Loss on drying, ribbon type splitting machine, splitting machine, flat type silicone insulator plates, press milling process, molding system, curing oven, composite products,

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