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Yildizlar Plastik Dograma Dekorasyon Tic. Ltd. Sti. was founded in 1999. The company is active in plastic joinery, steel door, shower cabinet, heat insulated glass, glass balcony systems and decoration.

Our company is the production dealer of ERPEN and has been aspired to synthesize quality raw material with quality service. We explored the part of effort in creation of quality from raw material to ex-stock. For this reason we started the construct of our company and renew vision and mission of the company in 2006.

In everchanging and evergrowing market conditions, the quality of raw material was not enough considering the demands of customers. For this purpose we insisted on labour over to maintain quality. No doubt that our experienced technical staff, the control from beginning to ending have contributed to this. In current situation our company has revealed products and services of “handicraft” works. The importance of the labor in our business and seeing the positive results of this in time unite our company with this slogan in 2006:

“Quality assurance starts with belief in labor”

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