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We have started our business with bleacher thirty-three years ago as Yucel Chemistry. It has been expanded with the liquid detergent facility and in 1995 the production of powder detergent group cleansers has been added our range of products. We have decided to give up liquid production and concentrate on powder groups with all our knowledge and experience so we have focused R&D workings to provide this. With playing an active role at both domestic and abroad markets and also with renewing and developing itself Yucel Chemistry has had a voice in the management in this field. Yucel Chemistry has believed that the high qualified management is a positive function of customer satisfaction and we have made a production with the light of this belief and with the certificates of ISO 9001:2008, environmental management system 14001:2004, occupational health and safety management 14001:2004. QUALITY & R-D As Yucel Chemistry we are aware of the importance of R&D which is necessary for economic growth and non-stop development and we have defined this as our mission. All specifications from procurement process to customer satisfaction have been defined and we have been working with the light of these. Our priority is manufacturing qualified products and through this to ensure complete customer satisfaction our production process goes on under the guarantee of quality and occupational health and safety management certificates. -We are negotiating Romania about franchise… -We have actualized the abroad franchise system. TOLL MANUFACTURING As from 2000, in parallel to developing retail sector, we have been serving in toll manufacturing sector with our existing and developing products at both domestic and abroad markets. We have reserved %60 of our capacity to toll manufacturing.

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