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We need ribbons - Hot stamping Foil 30mmX122mts, 35mmX122mts 40mmX122mts 45mmX122mts

product: WHEAT FLOUR (manufacture of industrial bread and artisanal bread) Presentation: bag X 50 KG quantity: cont 20``ft term : CIF Barranquilla, Colombia - CIF Cartagena, Colombia

we are looking for a manufacturer of traditional curtain fabrics located in Turkey, I appreciate the information you can provide me.

I am in need of galvanized sheet Caliber 0.5mm Format 4ft x 8ft. Large monthly amounts

Please quote the list of references below: QTY Ref.Origin Ref. Ivam DESCRIPTION 30 7M7358 014V031S00 VALVE IN ENGINE CATERPILLAR 30 7M7359 014V032P12 VALVE EX ENGINE CATERPILLAR D4/D6 REF. IVAM 014V032P12 REF 9M4163 150 8823545 025V523G11 VALVE IN ENGINE IVECO 100 8823544 025V524N11 VALVE EX ENGINE IVECO 60 4684088 025V541S11 VALVE IN ENGINE 8200/8205 60 4684089 025V542N11 VALVE EX ENGINE IVECO 8200/8205 100 6N9916 014V050P24 VALVE ENGINE CATERPILLAR 100 6N9915 014V049S00 VALVE EX ENGINE CAT 200 5S6452 014V039P00 VALVE IN ENGINE CAT 3304/6606 200 5S6449 014V038P00 VALVE EX ENGINE CAT 3306/3304 50 4784889 025V562N14 VALVE EX ENGINE IVECO 50 4784888 025V561S14 VALVE IN ENGINE IVECO 200 3802355 103V017S11 VALVE EX ENGINECUMMINS 200 3802356 103V018N21 VALVE EX ENGINE CUMMINS 100 8830045 025V820 VALVE EX ENGINE IVECO 100 8824754 025V819 VALVE IN ENGINE IVECO 150 2P1262 014G027A GUIDE IN / EX ENGINE CATERPILLAR 3304/3306 60 4647842 025G544A GUIDE EX ENGINE 8200/8205 60 4

Interested in buying your charger products. Hindsight. and round balers

We are looking for some products for export to Colombia, We Work with sporting goods, like Balloons, electric scooters, bicycles, roller skates, gloves, fishing, swimming and different accessories for sports. We have more than 15 years of experience importing and distributing this type of articles. Your collaboration finding companies that manufacture this type of item would be quite valuable for us.

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