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We are looking for Omega furring In need this items 1=Omega furring=8000 2=Galvanizing angle=10000 3=Main Chanel=5000 ...

Buying Request USA

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles and all Acceessories related : Main Runner 3600m-Cross Tee 1200mm-Cross Tee 600mm-Wall Angle 3600mm-Furring channel-Partition Track-Partition Steel Stud-Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board.

Buying Request Lebanon

Please i would like have a business with with company on some of your product like plasterboard,omega furring,main channel,wall angle stud and truck both 7.5and 5.0cm metals.

Buying Request Ghana

I am a specialist dealer of decorative materials, especially for steel frame , steel ceiling, main channel, furring channel, wall angle for drywall system

Buying Request Iraq