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We are a company importing consumables in the medical field, we are interested in your products and consider a possibility of commercial collaboration with your company. 

Buying Request Updated Cameroon

I need good producers/manufacturers from Turkey to to provide their products to my company in Pakistan as sole distributor.

Buying Request Turkiye

I am looking for companies in Turkey,witch produces gauze swabs

Buying Request Bulgaria

we are interested in the purchase of gauzes swabs, non sterile, sizes 7,5x7,5cm & 10c10cm 40's, 19x13 and 19x15, 8 ply , non folded, in packs of 100 gauzes.

Buying Request Lebanon

I wanna buy and import medical Tape with sterile gauze with different size: 9 x 25cm; 15x9 cm; 20x9cm, 10x10cm; 9x30 cm for our medical projects in Viet Nam.

Buying Request Vietnam

We are supplying medical products such as • Disposable Waterproof Dental Bibs • Disposable Dental Saliva Ejectors • Dental Procedure Tray • Disposable Safety Eyewear • Disposable Surgical Caps • 8-Ply cotton Dental Medical Gauze Pad • Vaginal Suppository • Disposable Applicators • Sterile Plastic Petri Dishes With Lid • Nasal Aspirator

Selling Offer Updated Iran

Are you supplier of gauze roll 1,2 m * 2000 m lenght

Buying Request Updated Algeria