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were looking for reliable supplier for some products such as cooper pipes and fittings, cables, tools, spare parts and more.

We are interested in 120 ltr metal barrels for export. Please contact me for further details.

I am looking for a manufacturer of EPAL and other nails. I am also looking for a manufacturer of wood screws

would you please send your offer for 1 pc electrostatic filter for air conditioning system.

I am manufacturer and exporter of brass hardware and components if you have any enquiry so give a chance

Can you please inform us if it is possible for you to supply us Danfoss components. Please inform us what is the minimum quantity for an order. Here is the list of component: Name Q-ty/ pcs heatexhanger Danfoss B3-052-30-3.0-L (021H3281) 1 Filter body Danfoss FIA 100 D ANG 148B6006 1 Filter element для Danfoss FIA 100 250мкм 148H3140 1 Filter drier Body Danfoss DCR 09613s (2x, ODF ∅42) 023U7262 1 Filter element Danfoss 48-DC 023U4381 1 Solenoid valve body Danfoss EVR 15 (ODF ∅22) 032L1225 1 Solenoid coil Danfoss 240v, 50hz, 10W 018F6701 1 Thermoregulating valve body Danfoss TE12 (22x28) ANG 067B4017 1 Thermostatic element Danfoss TES12, N, R507 067B3347 1 Valve assembly Danfoss TES12-14,5, 067B2708 1 Oil regulating valve Danfoss ORV 25 D H1 148H3399 1 Thermostatic element Danfoss 60°C 148H3469 1 Servo valve ICS 40-1 42SD "Danfoss" 027H4

Do you have VF150 FCI P160B5 LO reducer available Code: 20166003620012 Can you supply us? We need gearboxes from Bonfiglioli

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