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we are engaged in wholesale sales, and we also have an online store

Necessary: 1. Profiles 120х80х3 - 240м. (20 pcs.) 2. Profiles 140х140х5 - 792 м. (66 pcs.) 3. Profiles 100х100х5 - 624 м. (52 pcs.) 4. Profiles 100х100х4 - 756 м. (63 pcs.) 5. Profiles 80х80х5 - 360 м. (30 pcs.) 6. Profiles 80х80х4 - 840 м. (70 pcs.) 7. Profiles 60х60х4 - 840 м. (70 pcs.) 8. Steel sheet 20мм (1,5х6,0м) - 2 pcs. 9. Steel sheet 30 мм (1,5х6,0м) - 1 pc. 10. Steel sheet 16 мм (1,5х6,0м) - 5 pc. 11. Channel N20 - 80 tn. 12. Channel N16 - 20 tn.

We are very interested in possible collaboration with your company and therefore ask you kindly to send us your offer and pricelist for your goods. We do hope for beneficial cooperation between our companies and for your kind feedback.

I kindly ask you to give me the price for 3-Way Stopcock. For the beginning we need 6000 pcs. Please send CE and ISO certificates if you have them. Also catalog.

Interested in cooperation with school bags, bagpack,orthopedic shoes

I ned to speak with somebody in rus or in romanian Spices To open a small shop of 20m2, I need to fill the showcase with Turkish spices.

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