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I am looking zip flying complete installment in Nepal . It is around 100 meter .

Buying Request Nepal

Is there any party who would like to invest in tourism in Maldives

Cooperation Maldives

We have lots of manufacturing opportunities here in my country and we are looking for potential investors

Cooperation Sierra Leone

turkiyede saglik turizmi yapan firma arastirmalarim mevcut antalya bolgesi ozellikle

Buying Request Turkey

Finike'de denize sifir otel arazisi satilik 1000 donum / 100.000m2. 60 milyon dolar.

Selling Offer Turkey

Looking for a cooperation business for Travel & Tour from sri-lanka and turkey with best reasonable prize.

Cooperation Sri Lanka

The main areas of our interest where Turkish investors can invest, are: -Drip irrigation hosesa nd systemsp roduction -Food processing -Textiles -Oil and Gas industry -Hospitality and Tourism -Household equipment -Leather processing and footwear production 'Production of other consumef goods -Solar and wind energy projects -Rose oil and rose water production and export -Sheepw ool processinga nde xport -Production of office supplies

Buying Request Uzbekistan