They are foreign requests which are sent by e-mail to premium members daily prepared by KOBI A.S. Center for Development of Foreign Trade.

  • The bulletins include only foreign buying requests
  • The requests contain all details about product, (if available) type of delivery and form of payment with contact details of company.
  • The bulletin is separated to 25 different sectors and for every bulletin there are different memberships.
  • The bulletins have been published every day for 13 years. (Except for official holidays, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • It is published daily and includes daily requests (1 and 7 days).
  • It includes product details, buyer name and contact information like phone, fax numbers, e-mail, web address etc. which are given by buyer.
  • It is prepared for every single sector separately and involves leads of that sector only.
  • KOBI Export Bulletins involve product and service requests suited for Turkey.
  • They reduce the time of spending many hours for foreign trade department provide concentrated requests and smooth the way for them which is run by generally one person
  • The requests prepared and edited by our expert team which may be you will never get access are provided for you; thus they make you get into new countries and market by exchanging letters in a very short time.
Sektörel Bültenler aşagıdaki listelenen 25 ana sektörde yurt dışından mal almak isteyen ithalatçıların (yabancı alıcı) alım taleplerinin günlük verildiği e-posta bültenidir.
Sektörel Bültenler, KOBİ A.Ş.tarafından 25 sektörde günlük ihracat bültenleri olarak yayınlamaktadır.
  • 01-Genel Mal Talepleri Bülteni
  • 02-Tekstil Talepleri Bülteni
  • 03-Deri Ayakkabı Talepleri Bülteni
  • 04-Otomotiv Talepleri Bülteni
  • 05-Demir Çelik Metal Döküm Bülteni
  • 06-Kırtasiye - Ofis Malzemeleri Bülteni
  • 07-Makine Talepleri Bülteni
  • 08-Gıda Tarım Hayvancılık Talepleri Bülteni
  • 09-Kimya Ürünleri - Kimyasal Ürünler Talep Bülteni
  • 10-Endüstriyel Ürünler Talep Bülteni
  • 11-Medikal Ürünler İlaç Sağlık Ürünleri Talep Bülteni
  • 12-Mobilya Ahşap Orman Ürünleri Talep Bülteni
  • 13-Ambalaj Kağıt Matbaa Ürünleri Talep Bülteni
  • 14-Yapı ve Yapı Malzemeleri Talep Bülteni
  • 15-Elektrik Malzemeleri Talep Bülteni
  • 16-Küçük Ev Aletleri Gereçleri ve Beyaz Eşya Talep Bülteni
  • 17-Temizlik Kozmetik Hijyen Ürünler Gereçler Talep Bülteni
  • 18-Mutfak Endüstriyel Mutfak ve Gereçleri Talep Bülteni
  • 19-Altın Mücevherat Kuyumculuk Ürünleri Talepleri Bülteni
  • 20-Madencilik Mermer Ürünleri Talep Bülteni
  • 21-Promosyon Hediyelik Eşya Talepleri Bülteni
  • 22-Plastik Plastikten Mamül Ürünleri Bülteni
  • 23-Güvenlik Savunma Sanayi Ürünleri Talep Bülteni
  • 24-Isıtma Soğutma Sanayi Talepleri Bülteni
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