Bekir Kilic- Authorized

SWORDSON LTD We, as Swordson LTD family, have been engaged in the production of cleaning and hygiene products in Karnobat, Bulgaria since 2001. We have exported to approximately 22 countries.
We encountered the name System 2-3 months ago. First of all, I wanted to become a member, but the membership fee made me think a lot at first, but at the end of our meetings, we decided to start our membership.
Then, I was searching for new markets and customer candidates for a certain period of time on the System's website portal, and to get positive feedback from the customer candidates with whom we made a few emails traffic. We started and realized our first online export with the System.
The volume of the work we have done was 2 containers and we realized it with a cost of approximately 30.000 Euros. Right now, I spend most of my time at the System.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone in terms of creating new target markets and traffic flow.

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