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we are related to gasket manufacturer, thanks for your help, sealing gasket pvc door sealing gasket buying or and show sealing strip something like that, we are related industry.

we are a Russian plant of road construction equipment and are now experiencing an acute shortage in hydraulic systems (Hydraulic: hydraulic distributors, valves, cylinders, pumps, as well as a shortage in digital controllers and relays (like Unitronics). Please give a list of possible manufacturers in Turkey, waiting for feedback:

I'm looking for refrigerant 410 for air conditioning Can you suggest producers?

I would like to know for a compressor plus booster control; do you need the variotor delta: VFD007L21A?

Based on the expectations of our consumers, we are committed to ensuring, through the quality of our products, a real differentiation, while guaranteeing the performance of our products, as well as the satisfaction of our customers. In this sense, we import all the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of these products. Please send us your best price offer EX WORKS, FOB and CIF Casablanca, as well as the catalog (if available) of the following products and:

Looking for door handles, I’ll be waiting for your catalogs, we are requesting different styles to supply companies in Central America.

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