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Hi Everyone, This is Tahsin Damla. I am the owner of Karya Aksesuar. we can support and supply for all textile and fashion accessories, yarn and fabric as well with good prices. you can contact with us for anytime for every demands. don't hesitate to contact with us. we are here for you. our e-mail address ; tahsin.damla@karyaakseusar.com for my whaatsapp ; +9005072936331

Would you be so kind and let us know your offer for gauze roll. Material is H2O2 bleached gauze of 1/1 plain weaving with cotton warp of 18 tex and cotton weft of 28 tex; Material- 100% cotton; Mass per square meter- 42.0 – 47.5g/m2; Roll Length- 1000 meters For current year required qty is 7 million meters and for 2023- 10 million.

, we are a company from Venezuela and we would like you know that we are in a program to supply every month several medicine against Cancer diseases, hematology , reumátic, inmunology disease

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