The company on Sept. 29, 2003, "ZEREN FILTER Treatment and Recycling Technology Center" started its activities. Given the development of its inception to this day, did not change our purpose, Treatment and Recycling in the field of quality, constantly developed it is product range, for the purpose of providing better products and production and sales staff with a company that has proven to be sensitive to the environment by increasing day by day. FILTER ZEREN, in order to accelerate technological innovation activities to follow up and attaches great importance to R & D work. These activities are within the scope of increasing the diversity of wet filtration cloths of filter, filter press machine and ancillary staff to support the latest technological equipment, is to increase the diversity of dry filtration bag filters. At this point, which is important for us to provide our customers with not only our products, our products, supply the benefits and advantages to offer. In addition, staff in the development of personal and professional studies are undertaken in line with corporate culture. These studies also supported our company with ISO 9001 Quality System. ZEREN FILTER, 'Quality products, quality service, deliver as soon as possible to our customers. "Principle, since its incorporation has been unremitting efforts to this day from customers with positive energy. In these studies, their support of us would like to thank loyal customers. Sincerely, SEVIYA ZEREN Chairman

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