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AVAGRO is established in 2013 in order to improve agriculture potential of The World. It starts as a new formation in the sector with a strong and knowledgeable team for sustainable productions of plant nutrition and protection products. Our market activities are based on openness, transparency, honesty, mutual respect, commitment to ethics, environmental sensitivity and social responsibility. Avagro Agricultural Chemicals is a manufacturer of goods and services and cares responsibilities to its customers, employees, society and environment. Institutionalism,technology, motivation of employees and customer satisfaction are activities which constitute the main axis. We are not having any compromisses in quality from the beginning and spend resourses to improve quality and serves. We made a plan to stay a “trusted” company on market even though standard requirements increase each day. And we know that to reach it the customer trust and satisfaction should be completely satisfied. Our company is aware that moving these ideas of continuous improvement and we know that knowledge is an indispensable value, and because of a corporate structure our company is growing rapidly in the sector.

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