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Guvenal Rubber produces products that meet all kinds of needs in the marble, Electrical and automotive sectors. For Marble Industry Air bags, block fixing Air bags, wire tires, reels, Plastic auxiliary Pack, couplings, vacuum / suction, mud Pumps, dosing diaphragm tires. Valve tires, Machine bellows, filling Silim tires, connection Wedge, grab tires, pallet tires, typewriter tires, Press tires,Electrical Power Industry Wick, door Wick, O-Ring, Square Ring, transformer gaskets, gasket, Flange gaskets, Grome gaskets, Busing gaskets Oven cover tires include special orders as well as standard production for the automotive industry. Our production is carried out with our qualified personnel within our company. Guvenal Lastik, which has never compromised the quality, has certified its quality by obtaining the “ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate“. Guvenal has adopted the principle of superior quality, trouble-free service and the trust it gives to its customers. Following the continuous development and change, he has taken steps in the marble sector in the years of 1995 in line with your demands.We know that with a thousand labor and hardships, you bring a precious treasure to earth. You offer great service to our country and to our world. We are with you in our factories with all kinds of accordion cloth and rubber bellows, vacuum tires, couplings, mud pump tires and reel types to lighten your load as well as marble quarries with solid and durable products. With the idea of “the greatest gain time”, Guvenal has produced the first domestic air bags which will facilitate your work in separating Marble blocks and reduce costs with a special design.Having a record number of customers in the marble sector today, Guvenal Lastik is happy to serve you with quality assurance all over the country and abroad at all times.

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