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KENMAKS Tarim Makineleri San., was established by Kenan OZCAN and Hasan Yucel OLGUNCELIK in Konya with a modest budget adopting that quality products would not only be produced by exorbitant sum but with reservoir, talent and information. The company still produces on 500 square meters closed area of 3.000 areas.

The main product of the company is agriculture machines and in time by improving experience and skill it has widened its product range and machinery. The company still produces husbandry equipments like feed crushing machine, feed grinder, feed mixers and distribution trailer in various sizes and gears and curry-combs.

KENMAKS′s target is to distribute quality and brand products to every husbandry plants in Turkey and make Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and Beet Cooperatives be expanded within Turkey. The most affective factor in setting this target is to have technical service who troubleshoots the breakdowns on machines mercurially.

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