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Established under Maya brand in 1994, Mayapaz Endustriyel Mutfak (Industrial Kitchen) was founded on a strong and stable substructure with the information, practice and experience back demands the founders have had in the sector previously. Blending its long-year experience in production with their developing technologies, Maya offers quality and reliable products to their customers. Stepping in a more dynamic and more innovative manufacturing process with its Mayapaz brand it has constituted after 2005, our organization is striving for rendering you a better service by developing new products continuously. Maintaining its new line without giving any concession from the quality, Mayapaz aims at offering you, our estimable customers, a perfect service. Mayapaz puts the kitchen machines and projects created by the engineers who are specialist on kitchen field with their long and meticulous works into production using all possibilities of the technology. Targeting to keep a principled and industrious structure, esteemed customer relations, superiors quality principle at the top level when first stepped in the sector, Mayapaz now intends to be a company which has taken the leadership of the sector with the confidentiality of achieving its objective they have determined in the past. Each product offered with the Mayapaz sign will make you enjoy the taste and comfort of the quality. The Mayapaz family has adopted an innovative quality policy which respects to human, society and environment. Our company are subjected to pre-production part control, production stage and post production durability, performance and security tests in accordance with the TSEK, TSE, ISO 9001 quality certificates it holds and the CE norms. The results of all these quality control stages are inspected by the specialists. The obtained data are archived in the structure of our organization by bringing them into a report. Our products which are presented to the consumers through agents and branches of ours in the home country are addressed to larger masses with each passing day. Coming to the fore with the after sale services as well as its quality, Mayapaz offers its products via an extraordinary marketing concept with its technical support and consultancy services. Having become a renowned and preferred brand in the domestic market, Mayapaz also maintains its development in the foreign countries. The foreign market sale points created with the qualified cooperation increases every day. The objective is to set up kitchens where the Mayapaz brand is preferred in every region of the world. The vision and trend we do have is our greatest power to motivate us in achieving this goal of ours.

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