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Muka Metal was founded in 1966 in Kayseri (Turkey). Within its first years of establishment, the company produced steel office furniture. After intensive study, the company started producing electric engines and in accordance to this, electrically powered home accessories. Within the shortest amount of time products such as; washing machines, cookers, ovens and stoves were added to the company product portfolio. Hereby, Muka Metal proves its success in product diversity for many years. Parallel to latest global developments and with R&D, total quality management and high-tech machinery, the company is focused on perfection. As a result of R&D works commenced in 2002 and finalized in 2004, the company started to produce electric hospital beds at European standards. Having patented products, Muka Metal has succeeded to appeal both on the local and international markets. By adopting a maximum quality policy, the company has succeeded to reach thousands of satisfied customers. As being a prominent producer within its sector, Muka Metal serves its clients supported by its 120+ skilled workers and a 13000m2 large production plant. With an annual production capacity of 12.000 electric hospital beds, 15.000 accessories (mattresses, dining tables, and cabinets), the development of new technologies and the continuous improvement in quality, Muka Metal again proves its consistent aim of becoming a global brand. By monitoring and analyzing the latest developments in medical and technological innovation within its branch, the company has attained expertise in quick adaptation of such developments. Besides providing its clients with high quality products, Muka Metal has the mission of establishing long term relationships. Within the scope of understanding modern and systematic governance, the company is customer focused and has the principle of maintaining a high customer satisfaction level. Muka Metal, will maintain the durable, innovative and progressive features the company has today and continuously update its technology, raise its capacity and increase its market share to guarantee the same high quality service for in the future.

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