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Combining its 35-year-experience with the dynamism and entrepreneur spirit of the new generation, Ozen Machinery now reflects all its energy, aesthetics and technology they have in their internal dynamics to its product fully. Making significant changes with the external aesthetics and internal structure of the products they manufacture, OZEN MACHINERY offers its practical, speedy and long life products to the good taste of their clients.

Having an important market share in welding machines production in Turkey, OZEN MACHINERY added the inverter welding and cutting machines into their product ranges. Ozen Machinery proves to be within the effort to reach the more perfect with its R & D studies being adapted to the developing market conditions, customer portfolio and technology. Besides their technological researches, Ozen Machinery is one of the rare companies allocating serious budges to the training of their staff. All products of Ozen Machinery is being produced under the ISO 9001 and TSE CE Quality Certificates reflecting the importance they show to the quality and confidence to their product. Carrying out the demands of the consumers completely and in time before the sale, Ozen Machinery also does not leave their customers alone after the sale. Thanks to their experienced servicing team, OZEN MACHINERY is a company based upon confidence accepting interfering the failure and spare part troubles in short time and accepting the customer satisfaction as their basic principle in their works. OZEN MACHINERY has increased their efforts to extend this confidence to every corner of Turkey nowadays. Ozen Machinery carries its righteous place among the production giants on welding in Turkey with its structure aiming at a constant development and renovation.

OZEN MACHINERY is now experiencing its righteous pride to produce long-term perfectly operating, highly equipped, economical and ergonomical products at very heavy industry conditions with its specialized staff in their field and the high technology it bears.

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