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CORPORATE Ozerler Holding A.S. was established in 1948 in Eskisehir as rubber shoes factory. It is continuing to display activities at full steam at the present time as a holding which makes exporting to the world. The factories are turned to big and modern factories in 1974; it had been Ozerler Ayakkabi ve Lastik Sanayi A.S. instead of Kazim Ozer ve kardesleri kolektif sirketi. Ozerband was establishedin 1976 andstarted to make production in 1977. Ozerband had been a locomotive company of Ozerler for rubber group and it had been an international mark. Second big investment of Ozerler had been marble production. Afyon Santas Mermer Ve Fayans San. Ve Tic. A.S. which is producing marbles, was established in 1985. Ozerlastik started to produce crepe boots with Derby mark, heeled shoes with Gislaved mark, rubber boots with Kobalt mark. It is needed to establish a higher company to make plans and manage resources for the companie. Then the company called Ozerler Holding A.S. was established in 1986 to meet with these requirements and the systematic of corporate studies of the company are re-arranged. Companies within the body of Ozerler Holding: OZERBAND - Ozer Konveyor Band Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. OZERLASTIK - Ozer Ayakkabi ve Lastik Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. AFYON SANTAS - Afyon Santas Mermer ve Fayans Sanayii A.S.

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