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In 1969 start Uyanik Yataganli business life to manufacture agriculture machines, with his stability and quality manufacturing comprhension develops in a short time and become an important place in the sector whit the improving of the service net.

Nowadays keeps it on to serve with quality, with the manuacturing of straw suciton fan, drum meadow cutting machine based on agricultural industry working machines in a 2500 m square open, 5000 m sqare closed and total 7500 m sqare area.

Uyanik Yataganli who meets the needs in the home general also is connecting with international companies, it continues nonstop with his workings to answer the machine demands of different companies of his wide customer billford at first Sudan Maroccoi, Libya and Cyprus.

Our Mission: Uyanik Yataganli is a company which don′t make a concession with the quality and confidence principles of his products and services, circumference sensitive, in the direction of his aim and strategies is it concordant by the technological development and changings in the agricultual machine sectore.

Our View : To be a prefered brand at home and also in foreign countries in the product and service area of the agriculture machine sector.

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