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Adacal Inc., was founded in 2000 as a lime factory in 110.000m2'lik area. High-quality ore, has been a brand in the industry with advanced technology and meticulous in production. Adacal, the lime market operates in two different areas, including construction and industry. The importance of scale in the industry increasing every day and is becoming an important input in the production. Our company, gold, silver, aluminum, boron, precious metals business, such as soda, iron and steel enterprises, power plants, water treatment plants, such as glass-fiber and chemical industries, is the case of providers of non-tolerance level of quality they have set the industry on its products. In 2009, the limestone quarry business by taking our company to the "selective mining" practice It has been launched. Thus, continuous and high quality management in production has been achieved. In 2010, an important step discarded, Turkey has started the first industrial-scale investment PCC. Our company by putting PCC plant in 2011, "adacal" in morphology baslamistir.istenil to serve the industry with its brand and nano can be produced in sizes "adacal" products, paints, plastics, chemicals, paper and pharmaceuticals and are used in the food industry and needs by providing needed technical specifications, the companies quality and increase the gains in terms of cost. Our company, limestone, lime and forms an integrated structure with the PCC production facilities. Thus, without being dependent on external supply of raw materials it is constant and guaranteed quality products. PCC also used in the production of carbon dioxide released in the lime production also provides an environmental gain. Of investments in our company as a requirement equipped with modern equipment, strong laboratory has been established. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), including our laboratory and pilot plant plays an important role in product development efforts need to fit.

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