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AKIN PLASTIK BORU SAN. A.S. aiming at manufacturing irrigation pipes for the Turkish farmers was established in 1977, and manufactured irrigation and sprinkler pipes and sold to the regional farmers. Its products are widespread all around Turkey in a short time.

Later on, Akin Plastik manufactured and provided Turkey with High Pressure PVC Drinking Water Pipes as the drinking water delivery and renewal projects started on in Turkey. Today, Akin Plastik, completed its historical establishment, and took its place in the industry with its modern and contemporary manufacturing style, and 225,000 m2 outdoors and 80,000 m2 indoors area.

Akin plastic carries out manufacturing under 3 basic categories:
1. Substructure pipes
2. Superstructure pipes
3. Agriculture group
Raw material processing capacity has been expanded to 100 Tons PVC and 120 Tons PE.

Hundreds of our dealers and contractors across Turkey are happy with our products. All types of our products are exported to various countries around the world and foreign currency income is provided for our country. The volume of export within the first 9 months of the year reached up to 15% of our manufacturing.

Akin Natural Gas Pipes are used in most of the cities that turned into natural gas distribution plants.

Besides, our door and window profile (Akapen brand) manufacturing, and Netto and Ladia brand fruit juices are on the way of becoming world known brands.

Our company will keep on investing, and manufacturing HDPE sewerage pipes, and flow rate and pressure controlled drip pipes aiming at using the water efficiently against global warming are included in our investment schedule. With its advanced technology, experienced and modern staff, and trained employees, our organization, in which true competition, human health and environmental factors are considered, customer satisfaction is of importance. In the EC harmonization process, Our company, in which constant improvement and product development principles are followed, keeps up working with an approach that will make Turkish Products a world brand that has the capacity to compete with other countries.

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