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The APA Group currently operates one of the largest and most
modern printing plants in Turkey. Since 1942, our family-owned
company has been, and continues to be, an important and valuable
participant in the print sector, both in the domestic Turkish and
international markets.

Now entering the fourth generation of the family business,
our dynamic internal structure and quality production have earned
us an excellent reputation, both within the industry and in the
marketplace. Serving the print sector for over a half-century,
we have consistently achieved the highest quality standards
and have kept abreast of the most recent innovations in the industry.

To keep at the forefront of today’s technological advances,
the APA Group regularly invests in our corporate infrastructure and
constantly upgrades our machine parks and machinery to
maintain the APA “state-of-the-art” production facilities.

At each step of the printing process, we provide advanced
technology with our skilled and experienced staff.
When this is combined with friendly service and helpful account
guidance, the result translates to timesaving, affordable and
integrated service for all of our clients.

APA offers a unique and unified approach within the industry.
Since we are much more than just a printing company,
we also provide all of the available pre-printing services, to include
initial creative text, editing and text preparation, translations,
CTP technology with customer access to digital proofs,
and much more.

Within APA UNIPRINT, four generations of experience enable
us to offer the most efficient, affordable, one-stop solutions for
all printed media. Combined with our creative design studio,
dynamic communications consultancy service and high-tech
printing, binding and packaging facility, APA UNIPRINT is the best
choice for advertising agencies and other companies that require
precision printing.

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