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Pine Baby Diapers and Bebish Baby Diapers are produced by Arkan Co. Ltd. in Corlu/Tekirdag Factory. Arkan Co. is a 21 years old corporation which is founded in 1992 for distributing food, cleaning, health, and cosmetics products. With the experience and business discipline of 16 years, Arkan Co. started manufacturing baby care products at the beginning of 2007. Since 2007 Arkan Co. has exported its products to more than 40 countries around the world by means of its expansionist policies. Arkan Co.'s objectives are producing the best quality products for continues customer satisfaction, honesty for a solid trust, and supporting its customers to provide an easy business. These are our main policies to keep continuously success Hygiene is our priority; we know that our products are used for human health!!! High technology for high quality, system productivity and maximizing low cost - high quality. Manufacturing system and all raw materials are according to international standards and considering environment Customer satisfaction; analyzing markets, all operations on time and with informing clients and continuously feedback system during goods surviving in the market.

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