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ASPAC manufactures and supplies building materials, building material, hardware product, hardware products, pipes, flanges, pipe fittings, plumbing materials, natural gas supplies, insulation products, insulation materials, fasteners, mechanical products, flat flanges, blind flanges, pipe flanges, heating flanges, swivel flanges, rotary flange rings, welding neck flanges, threaded flanges, gaskets, tees, inegal tees, transition nozzles, concentric reducers, gas boilers, panel radiators, kitchen and bathroom tiles, pvc pipes... DATA GROUP includes Dogu-Bati Ltd. Sti. 1955, EFT Architecture 1991, Data Engineering 2006 and ASPAC 2013 companies. • Dogu-Bati Ltd. Sti. was established in 1955 at Karakoy Thursday Bazaar which was the trade center of Istanbul about mechanical and electrical materials and still gives services at the same place. • EFT Architecture was established in 1991 and gives services about project design and construction applications. • DATA/Engineering was established in 2006 and started with industrial facility installations and has been giving services in a construction zone in Iraq since 2009. • ASPAC was established in 2013 and holds down international trade with mainly construction, electric, mechanic and packing materials.

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