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History: Ben Thawabah was established recently in January 2012, registered at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under commercial register number (20120100375), it’s a Sister Corporation for Ben Zohr Corporation for General Trade. Type of activity: Import and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals, Equipment and Medical appliances, whereas Corporation’s efforts will concentrate during the current period upon Cancer’s medicines, medical surgical appliances and medical supplies. About us: Ben Thawabah Establishment is characterized by: combining between Strong Capital (a successful Businessman of numerous commercial activities) and Pharmaceutical marketing Cadre who possess large experience for more than 10 years and who is characterized with strong relations with decision makers in the Governmental Bodies and Private Establishments also with big customers in the market which enables us to represent Medical Companies of different nationalities with competence. Corporation’s Capital: (90.000.000) Ninety Million Yemeni Riyals, an equivalent of (US$418,604) Four Hundred and Eighteen Thousand Six Hundred and Four American Dollars. Currently our services covers two of the most important Governorates in the Country (Sana’a – Taiz), as our Head Office exist in the Capital of Sana’a and we have subagents in other important Governorates (Aden – IBB – Hodeidah). Number of Staffs: 9 Vehicles: 4 Our vision: We look forward to be on top in providing the best International & Arab Products of typical quality with suitable cost to the local market. Our mission is: to have true principle, sincerity in work, constant up-dating in the services provided, work with spirit of full responsibility until we perform our role in raising the standard of medical services in our country Through a long distance vision we look forward to the future. Fields of operation: Our experience and skills makes us able to carry on the following activities: - We are active in whole sales and tenders. - We import, promote and distribute the following:- • OTC & RX pharmaceuticals. • Bio-pharmaceutical • Hospital’s medicines. • Medical supplies. We are planning to be active in future in the following fields:- • Dental Health Care. • Vaccines. • Cosmetics. • Medical appliances. • Medical equipment & Instruments

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