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BEREKETNAKSH with its experienced technical staff and 12.000 tons/year capacity for technological production, 36.000 tons/year capacity for serial production establishes whole facilities, and produces projects and technologies, and contributes to country economy; espacially to the mineral, iron-steel and cement industries, producing heavy equipments. BEREKETNAKSH attained wide experiences, implementing a lot of projects abroad and domestic markets in tile, seramic... etc. industries performs to establish whole industrial facilities and plants, and actualizes of expantion, modernization and otomation of existing facilities. BEREKETNAKSH executes its works abroad and domestic markets with support of circles of engineering and manufacturing, about facilities on key turn basis, constructions in heavy steel, manufacturing and montage of machinery and equipments. Manufacturing, and factory montage, and area montage and putting into service of various heavy mechinery and equipments, and facilities on key turn basis that implemented or will be able to implement by BEREKETNAKSH, from its establishment up to now, are below that they are the branches of industries. Cement Industry ,Iron and Steel Industry, Heating and Cooling System Sector Chemical Industry , Construction Sector, Textile Industry, Mineral Industry, Metarial Transporting Systems and Cranes, Paper Industry. We are always on your side with our researchers work in computurized platform and our staff developing continously. BEREKETNAKSH produce projects and engineering services fit technology, using the engineering software with its knowledges about general engineering, design of rolling mill machinery, cranes, equipment for transporting material, cement industry and general mechinery iron-steel. In our works, we implement manufacturing of coal transporting, and stocks area and granulation facilities; and pressurized and unpressurized tanks; and systems for absorbing dust and electro-filters; and the transporting systems of ash; rasters, wheeled and radial covers; and penstocks; and admission tubes; and butterfly and gate valve; and spiral and speed band; and conveyors; and elevators and helixs in accordance with firm’s projects that uses technology or praparing the project. Cooperations are made with the most experienced companies of worlds in related areas of engineering and design. As a result of our tecnical personel’s researches and efforts of work with foreing experts, their knowledge and experiences reached the most peak level. If we accepted purchasing, cutting plans, production processes, production planning and to be monitoring that prepared by Jop Preparation department and Tecnical Unit as a basis, during the whole project in processes, monitoring the production and cost is being made closely. Every project is being implemented through single project manager, and between the firm and customer, communication is being provided.

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