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Bunsa Dokum has been producing steel shots and grits in the town of Kayseri in middle Anatolia, Turkey, for almost 20 years. It has been founded on the vast experience of the Yilmaz Turhan Group of Companies, active in the European iron & steel and foundry industries since the 1960’s. Bunsa produces martensitic quality steel shots of all sizes, used in Foundry, Forging, Ship Building, Granite, Steel Construction Industries. Unlike bainitic quality steel shots, which are softer and more heterogeneous, martensitic quality steel shots can be further treated to be turned into steel grits. Steel grits are used extensively in the industries of Blast Cleaning, Descaling, Surface Cleaning and Preparation, Granite Cutting. Bunsa is proud to be the first and only producer of steel grits in Turkey and a worldwide exporter of steel shots and grits.

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