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Demirtas Metal A.S , has 25.000 m2 modern production area including 3 diffirent sizes and capacities extrusion lines , modern die manufacturing workshop,powder coating line and anodizing line , annual profile production capacity is 17.000 tons.Produced profiles surfaces can be powder coated or anodized as requested type and property. The manufactured profiles are used in many places including architectural applications, construction, automotive, machine, ventilation, cooling, decoration, illumination, electric and electronic devices, furniture and accessory industries. 65% of the production is for export. The countries where we export, are such as United States, Canada,Germany,France,Italy,Switzerland,Holland,Austria,Lithuania, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzen, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malta, Iraq. “TS EN ISO 9001,:2008,TSE,CE,QUALANOD and QOALICOAT” are the quality certificates that we have. The product quality is followed and checked by the quality control department at each stage of the production . All required quality tests can be performed in the modern laboratory of the company. With its modern and open-for-innovation company structure, global and non-classical company insight and technological facilities and equipment, DEMIRTAS METAL A.S., within its capacity, is a company that can serve any industry, may need aluminum profiles and accepting the quality and customer satisfaction as the basic principle.

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