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Edelmak Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. It was established in Konya in 2009 with the aim of producing food machines. He has been working with a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience. Following rapid technological developments with rapid growth principle, continues to machine production and services. It carries out its production in high quality. It cares for the satisfaction of its customers. using the techniques of drying and thickening in Turkey, providing both technical support to industry leading companies in both the machine meets the needs and demands of materials companies. Machines manufactured and services provided: - Food machine production - Spray dryer unit - Dusting unit (atomizer, nozzle) - Food drying tower - Condenser unit (evaporator) - Pasteurization unit - Standardization unit - Centrifuge separator units (bacteria, density regulator etc.) - Membrane filtration system (nanofiltration, ultrafiltration) - Homogenization unit - Storage, cooking, processing tanks - Centrifuge, lobe pumps - Vibrating screen - Cyclone systems - Air lock unit (Air lock) - Pneumatic hammer (pneumatic hammer) - Hammer unit - Establishment of turnkey food factory - Establishment of turnkey food processing plant - Facility remote management automation service (computer management with installation) - Know-how training service (technical knowledge training for establishment work) Following up-to-date technologies, it manufactures turnkey food processing plants by manufacturing remotely manageable automation machines. Company target; is to secure the position of our company in the market by keeping the hygienic products at the price that is appropriate for the market. For more information or contact you can check out our internet sites and social media accounts.

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