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IDM as Drug warehouse Distribution Center, our priority is to protect human health and improve the quality of life. IDM with international agreements and with the approval of the companies that has made extensive distribution through its network in order to deliver high quality and reliable service, we have commenced our activities. European Union health groups and institutions around the world to bring products to the service standards we have established contact with health; we have made special agreements with global pharmaceutical companies. IDM direct references to patient/patient in order to facilitate access to drugs the drugs are in possession of the most demanded stock. Most importantly, the pharmacy,in collaboration with the patient/patient's family in the province of the district, in the resort by going to the pharmacy in the neighborhood you want, faster and more reliable service and to download the meeting of the medication with the patient as soon as possible, we have developed solutions for. We have the benefit of the public by creating competition. While doing this, the patient, the pharmacist, hospital administration, and it gives us great happiness to satisfaction and thanks from the public. Because we have your medicine, your health and hope that we are working on. The most important advantage that makes a difference in the century we live in our service, our motivated and qualified specialist staff getting stronger with each passing day, advancing by the institutional structure. Expertise as a team we believe in focus, we consider to be the best at what we do, we carry out plans and projects. Responsibility in our corporate structure and the importance of fairness always comes to the front. An institution of the foundation of "human", we believe that the people who make up the institution of sustainability and quality are key. This is a solid foundation based on unshakable principles, moral ties are strong, our understanding of good corporate governance, we are always aware that it will add a power that can sustain us. With love and regards, Ecz. Burhan ISEN Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

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