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As Ikizler Milk we manufactured and supply milk, milk products, dairy products, dairy foods, cheese, yoghurt, yogurt, yoghourt, butter, ayran, buttermilk, buttermilk drink, strained yoghurt, strained yogurt, condensed yoghurt, greek yoghurt, whole milk yoghurt, whole milk yogurt, whole milk yoghourt, aged kasseri, cheddar, kassar cheese, cheese patties, kashar cheese, kashar, kasar, fresh kasar cheese, fresh kasseri, fresh cheese, plated cheese... Having been established in Kilicarslan village of Bolu province, our company started to manufacture as a small dairy farm. Having made a significant development in its industry by establishing its first large dairy farm in Bolu in 2008, our company has been among the best brands in dairy products industry in a while. Today our company manufactures lots of various milk and dairy products, untouched by human hands in accrodance with hygien standards in its own facility. We increase our production and facility capacity day by day for the purpose of meeting customers’ requirements, coming from centre of Bolu and other provinces close to Bolu. Our company is proved itself also in dairy products such as cheese products, yoghurt, butter and buttermilk. Going ahead by increasing its experience in milk and dairy products, Ikizlersut ve Sut Urunleri adopted to offer much more healthy products for future generations as a duty.

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