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Our company, which started to industrialize with the production of construction nails in 1989, expanded its production line by producing products such as Annealed wire, straw wire, greased Bale wire and bar wire. Our company, which continues its way with a new spirit, a new team and a new vision, increased its product line by adding polyethylene water tanks to the above mentioned production in 2005. Imamoglu A.S. With its renewed production infrastructure and the ability to market innovative products from the past, aims to expand its product range both in terms of production and supply. In this context, in 2009, Impor was replaced by the brands of EPS Styrofoam and Impor Yapi chemicals and by adding new ones to the production facilities in the insulation sector. As an alternative product to EPS mantolama systems, EPS has increased its weight in the insulation sector with the production of exterior coating and decorative products. Our company, which sells to foreign markets in the globalizing world, contributes to the economy of the country. Our aim is to present our products which are appreciated with their quality to new markets and to follow new production technologies and to present different and new products to our customers.

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