Established as a local marketing company of exhaust emission systems, IEX provides high quality products to the market in all kinds of exhaust emission systems for trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, passenger cars, heavy duty machines engines, generators and diesel engines in Turkish automotive market It started to be recognized. IEX is among the most important suppliers of exhaust emission systems to the Turkish automotive market with more than 2000 special products and a total of more than 10 000 different products. Having added the air tank in the product range in 2016 and started selling fuel tank in 2017, the IEX has a variant product range in a very short time and undertakes the sales of exhausts, air tanks and fuel tanks. IEX went beyond just being a local supplier with various investments made in early 2016 and started exporting its products to the northern Europe, southern Europe, Asian and Middle East markets under the IEX brand. Global market leadership is connected to scope of supply, quality products and quick deliveries. With a target budget at the beginning of 2016, IEX has set up a new manufacturing facility in order to produce at least half of all the products it sells or to make semi-finished products. As a result of these investments, our company aims to be one of the most important suppliers in its field not only in Turkey but also in the European and Asian region while developing its own machine line and product range every year.

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