Establishment of our company began veet the passion of the owner of the company to his art and business . Ismail Varol began his professonal life in Istanbul, 1984.he developed and proved himself in various workshops . during these years he adopted as reliable and respectful person by everybody . he demonstrated his care and his love to his business at each stage of his working life.First enterprise of VAROL TEXSTIL was performed in Sivas,1992 as a small workshop . after two years experience he decided to enter to the child wearing market in Bursa in order to utilise recent technological developments. We come to this day together with valuable workers and we over come many troubles by them and we share many happiness with them.in each department we have employee who works in accordance with Team soul, by high rate of working discipline and working morality. As a natural consequnce of these working system, our quality becomes remarkable, and common works of all workers turned back to us as pleasure of custumers. Thanks to each worker who helps to the company by labour.Our trust and love to the profession helped to overcome successive crisis. During all these years we has rwached recent condition by following all developments in the child wear sector.

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