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Nurettin Kervancioglu started manufacturing kitchen wares and copper souvenirs as the elder of the family. In time he placed his son for his place and his son forwarded the company at copperplate business. At first copper had been melted at ground furnace and then it was manufactured by purifying totally at wheeling furnace. With this development copper became more purify, more shining and softer. After the production of copper manufacturing, the production of lead plate started. These products were manufactured to prevent radiation at hospitals and installed to mosque dome. Besides these products Yalcin Kervancioglu stepped to side businesses as earth system under ground and after getting the approval of Turkish Telekom he started to produce ground copper plate for earthwork contractors. Furthermore he manufactured copper pipes and copper wires by setting extrusion press machine. After he entered to electricity sector new products range became available and manufactured copper sheet bar. He widened product range and got TSE certificate and continued to manufacture according to the standards In 2000 Yalcin Kervancioglu and his brother Murat Kervancioglu built a new facility to manufacture aluminum billet which is raw material of aluminum for producers of door, window, radiator and solar energy. At first he manufactured the products with 8 ton melting furnace and 6 meters casting according to the needed standards of alloys and analysis in the market. The company continues to its production under the name of OKAL METAL by improving itself. OKAL METAL uses technological production system hot-top and homogeny systems for quality products. In the new system the company uses 12 ton furnace and 10 meters casting and therefore billets are homogenates Yalcin Kervancioglu built a new factory investing on copper manufacturing under the name of KERVANCIOGLU METAL with his son Metin Kervancioglu in 2010 by following technology and innovations at copper sector. This second factory totally manufactures for industry sector. Used at electricity, energy and natural gas sectors this factory owns a high tech production line and the products are first quality products. This factory manufactures copper sheet bar and copper pipes and at our new product range there will be copper wire, stranded copper wire and flaky copper wire productions.

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