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Kiriker Metal was founded in 1978 to giving shape to metal as our valued customers imagine. We aim to produce best product to provide full customer satisfaction and continuity. As a result of customer satisfaction with our production, we present our products to all over the world with the name of DOORLIFE. We are going to become a reputable and trusted brand both in the country and all over the world. We are manufacturing elevator doors with different colours,model,size and equipments for our valued customers As Kiriker Metal we manufacture and supply elevator doors, lift doors, elevator cages, elevator cars, elevator cabs, counterweight frames, escalator, escalators, doors, elevator consoles, lift consoles, sub-frames, elevator sub-frames, lift sub-frames, semi-automatic elevator doors, semi-automatic lift doors, double doors, single doors, elevator door, lift door, elevator cage, elevator car, elevator cab, counterweight frame, door, elevator console, lift console, sub-frame, elevator sub-frame, lift sub-frame, semi-automatic elevator door, semi-automatic lift door, double door, single door, lift double doors, lift single doors, elevator double doors, elevator single doors, doors for elevator, doors for lift, lift double door, lift single door, elevator double door, elevator single door, door for elevator, door for lift...

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