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Giving priority to customer satisfaction and service quality of the product prm. has to keep the peak points. All the products we manufacture 100% natural value And these values so as not to cause any harm, is produced from renewable vegetal halal. Akiksir Natural Herbal Soaps ; Special skin cleansing and skin care Herbal and aromatherapy soaps. The first involves the quality of edible products ; First quality olive oil, natural spring water, vegetable oil and contains plant extracts Vegetable oils rich in natural vitamin E it contains. To maintain its high quality vegetable oils, nourishing properties are not subject to heat treatment. Lose their nutritive properties of aromatherapy oils at high temperatures. Akiksir product while preserving the properties of nourishing oils produced by cold process method 100% natural and herbal ; Produced high-quality and natural content. (Hardener, thickener, foaming, colorings fragrances, alcohol, chemicals like sentetik gliserin, pomace I dip does not contain oils and animal fats). Should not be left in the water and direct sunlight. With dish soap recommended to use the board to extend the life span. Natural color and smell ; Products contain a natural appearance depending on the characteristics of plant and herbal essential oils, fragrance pure and natural. Traditional hand-made ; Their designs are handmade and all stages from production to Packaging. A minimum of 45 days of natural drying process of natural herbal soap. Production, packing up the process arduous stages of a soap overhauled. Soaps each stage manufacture of the positive energy is produced by the hand. Your skin and friendly surroundings ; Regular use of cleaning and care of your skin as well as vitality to your skin and provides extra moisture. Production and use phase of products harmful of the environment and natural water resources contaminated with waste. But ; Our products are not drugs, not used for therapeutic purposes and is recommended.

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