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The commercial life that started as a Radio Workshop by Zeki Ozdemir in 1943 continued as Zeki Ozdemir Trading Company and continued its development in 1963 as the Zeki - Eray Ozdemir in the Elmak Internal Trade Representative - Import branch by incorporating Arcelik White Goods Dealership. When it came in 1998, it was transformed into a capital company and named "Konya Elmak Elektrik AS". As Konya Elmak A.S. we can group the activities with two main product ranges as electricity material sales and marketing. Konya Elmak Elektrik A.S. targets to become a professional in the sale of electrical equipments by taking the distributorship of the leading companies in the field of the world and Turkey. With the administrative building, the company gives service at 1.500 m2 area with 10.000 kinds of materials. Konya Elmak A.S. has carried out its marketing activities and supply of materials without any problems to its customers and has taken its position strongly in the electricity sector by addressing the majority of Turkey along with the provinces and districts of Konya and the surrounding provinces with its rich product capacity, knowledgeable and experienced sales staff.

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