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COSMOPLUS COSMETICS, a prestigious producer of diversified personal care products, was established in 2006 to effectively meet the personal cosmetic needs of today’s very demanding consumers around the world. Despite its short history, the company has deservedly grown to become one of Turkey’s most prominent producers and a world-renowned supplier of high quality and price-competitive products. This is basically because the founders of COSMOPLUS COSMETICS, who are professionally active in the day-to-day running of the company, have over 20 years of profound knowledge and extensive experience acquired from their top-level managerial accomplishments in multi-national cosmetic companies. Its ever-growing global success is evidently present in more than 40 countries (mainly Europe, Middle East & Africa) thanks to its highly qualified exclusive distribution partners located in each country. Regardless of how much more success the future will bring, the company has sworn to never allow its achievements to unwind its determination to constantly remain customer-focused.

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