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As Makro Prefabrik we manufacture and supply prefabricated houses, prefabricated constructions, prefabricated structures, containers, cabins, single floor prefabricated houses, double floor prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated dorms, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated wc shower units, prefabricated schools, prefabricated social facilities, prefabricated disaster relief buildings, prefabricated house, prefabricated construction, prefabricated structure, container, cabin, single floor prefabricated house, double floor prefabricated house, prefabricated office, prefabricated dorm, prefabricated dining hall, prefabricated wc shower unit, prefabricated school, prefabricated social facility, prefabricated disaster relief building, standard containers, office containers, worksite containers, combined containers, wc containers, shower containers, standard container, office container, worksite container, combined container, wc container, shower container, prefabricated wards, prefabricated dormitories, prefabricated wc units, prefabricated shower units, prefabricated wc shower units, prefabricated shower wc units, prefabricated villas, 300x700 standard containers, 240x600 standard containers, prefabricated ward, prefabricated dormitory, prefabricated wc unit, prefabricated shower unit, prefabricated wc shower unit, prefabricated shower wc unit, prefabricated villa, 300x700 standard container, 240x600 standard container... Having 15 year experience at ready construction sector, Makro Prefabrik gives service at prefabricated light steel structures, prefabricated buildings (residence, villa, building site, office, social facility buildings), container, cabin production and sales organization in local and foreign markets. To have high quality products by giving priority to customer satisfaction Makro Prefabrik having a big share in the market in a very short time with the products works with leading suppliers in the sector and provides economic prices with professional staff control from manufacturing to assembly processes. With high quality and reasonable prices the company targets to have further cooperation with customers and suppliers first by building trust.

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