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Mina Galvanize, the youngest galvanization and the metal processing factory in the galvanizing industry, was established in Diyarbakir in 2013 . Mina Galvanize is pursuing its operations in 40 thousand square meters area and the 16 thousand square meter of the total factory area is covered. Mina Galvanize is one of the rapidly growing galvanize and manufacturing companies in the market. The goal of the company to become a preferred and respected global company with high technology manufacturing instruments. The Main capital of Mina Galvanize is human sources and has provided 250 staff employed within short time. Development of the industry is depended on the quality of the staffs employed. As a result qualified employees brings the succes. The aim of Mina Galvanize is to gain high quality brand value to Diyarbakir. The production capacity of mina Galvaniz is 60 thousand production per year. With this production capacity high demand in the market is satisfied both in Turkey and overseas. In the Factory, hot-dipped galvanized coated materials, lighting poles, energy transmission lines, guardrails, GSM operator poles, steel construction products are manufactured for electricity distribution companies, GMS Operators, Energy and Construction companies. Galvanization is best way to protect nature among industrial applications. We are very proud to make a major contribution to the next generations’ health and nature.

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