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Momentum Resources’ global procurement services leverage procurement expertise and global supplier networks across the world to provide the best value for Clients' capital investment requirements. Our centre-led procurement organisation is responsible for procuring equipment, materials and services through strategic sourcing, material management, contract management and logistics functions. Drawing on significant experience from our partners in London and China supporting clients in the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Americas, our innovative procurement services provide a customized solution to meet our clients' specific requirements. Through longstanding global alliances and networks, Momentum Resources is able to efficiently source anything our clients require - anywhere - from highly trusted sources. Our global network of contacts allow us to achieve the ideal purchase: targeting value, product quality, and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money. Our procurement clients expect and receive enhanced support for virtually all project requirements, reduced cost of labor, material delivery and a focused, low-risk acquisition process and systems. Additionally, our agile operating model is capable of adjusting to variations in project size and workload to achieve cost savings to our clients. Count on Momentum Resources to consistently deliver improved procurement quality with clear visibility into the process and tracking to aggressive performance standards. As the industry evolves, we see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing or outsourcing various procurement processes. From day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services, we deliver. Our procurement programs can assist with establishing and enhancing client operations, with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service.

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