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The basis of Murat Metal A.S is constituted by the family owned-business who was immigrated to Istanbul from Rumelia. In 1975 it was constructed at Bakirkoy and was named as Murat Demir Ticaret.

After 1988, Murat Demir started to maintain its existence in Zeytinburnu Demirciler Sitesi which was the pupil of Istanbul until 2000.Early in 2000, Murat
Demir was carried to the Depo and Ardiyeciler Kooperatif which was located in the ongoing place called Ikitelli Industrial Zone.

By moving to the new building that covered 4000 meter square area, the name of the firm was changed as Murat Metal Demir-Celik Urunleri Sanayi Tic. A.S .From that date forward, we are keeping on dealing out at the best price and best quality.

As being Murat Metal A.S, we display activity in our new building which is abided in Ikitelli Industrial Zone. And this area was the center of the ongoing Turkish Industry. In this new building that we called Iron and Steel Products Showroom, as you can see at ‘our products’ category, we are marketing a wide range of goods and we are working without cease for polishing up our service.

Our products are controlled and are tested for corresponding to the standard of quality and are reached to our customers in accordance with the guarantee of this understanding.

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