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''The soil is our mutual destiny and our source of life. With proper care for it we can benefit from all its generosity, but without proper care it is watered with our tears. Our destiny depends on the sustainability of this generosity. With it' s Oligro and Tarimix brands which have been based upon the principle of sustainability in agriculture, Olimpum Foreing Trade and Marketing Co. is a marketing company with a 30 years of experience at foreign trade and chemical raw materials supply. Oligro, a plant nutrition and plant growth regulator products manufaturer in it' s modern and high technoloy using plant located in Orhangazi - Bursa meets the requirements of it' s customers on mining market sector and by supplying chemical raw materials. Having a deep experience at local and international markets, Olimpum follow the changes of customer demands closely. Taking this rigid principle as a reference point, Olimpum continously develop itself and it' s product range to meet the customer expectations in the best and most effective way. Olimpum which is always regenerating itself to deserve trust by it' s customers is targeting to be a high reputative brand respected by competitors as well. Our production lines and capacities are as follows; Fully automated water soluble NPK production machine lines with gram/ Mt accuracy. Capacity: 10.000 Mt/Year Automatic combi and trace element fertilizers production lines with ultra-precise fill sizes ranging from 400 gr to 5000 g.r Capacity: 1.000 Ton / Year Automatic liquid fertilizers production lines with ultra-precise fill sizes ranging from 1-5-20 L. Capacity: 3.000.000 L / Year''

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