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Hisar has been the leader in “The Art of Dining” concept since 1968. Today, it provides elegant and stylish tables through its unmatched interpretation of design. Hisar enhances your tables by displaying flatware, cookware, porcelain, and accessories which can be used for a lifetime. It combines first grade worldwide stainless steel with flawless technology, and unmatched workmanship. The finally result is a breathtaking product. The high quality along with the strength of design stands out in all products of Hisar, which places its stamp on “innovative design” models with the strict guidelines of international standards. Hisar processes the prominent AISI 304 quality, 18/10 grade chromium-nickel alloy stainless steel, and offers 100 years of warranty on its flatware. Having placed its signature on delicate and elegant products over the years, Hisar is acclaimed for its quality production and is named as one of the top leading 20 companies by IBM’s “Production Systems Catalog”. In addition, it supports production through intense research & development and product development workouts. Hisar also holds the first ISO (International Standartization Organization) 9001 quality certificate handed out in this sector. Mission Statement “ We provide products and services for people to lay stylish and elegant tables according to their lifestyles; believing that “Everybody deserves a good and high-quality design.” Vision Statement To be one of the 10 well-known and preferable global brands in our industry.

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