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We as Ottom Lubricants, are a producer and exporter of high quliaty motor oils and lubricants from Turkey. We have a state of the art production facility in Istanbul Tuzla and provide our customers with utmost quality at lubricants. We have a product group over 252 skus and we are able to provide our lubricants fitting to the needs of all our customers throughout the world. As part of the Afro Turco Group of Companies our specialization is in Lubricants.We have our distributors in Senegal, Tanzania, Somaliland and many more African Countries. The Afro Turco Group also operates in distribution of other Turkish branded products like baby diapers, sweets, deodorants, liquied detergents like FMCG products in Tanzania and Senegal as well as trading of products like cashew nuts, sesame, cofffee, cacao, etc from Africa to all over the world.

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