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The factory was established in 1969. In that times, the factory was active in the field of biscuit, cream-filled biscuit, waffel and candy. In Oylum Biscuit Factory the productions are biscuit, cream-filled biscuit, waffel, chocolate covered waffel and cracker. The factory has the production capacity of 50 tones per day and there are three shifts, so it works 24 hours a day. The kinds in biscuit production are Petit Beurre, Finger and Marie. The kinds mentioned above are produced in 2.3 kg and 1 kg of packages and also can be serviced to market from 470 gr to 18 gr. 60% of the production are sold in Turkish Markets and 40% are exported to foreign countries. But the rates mentioned are changeable according to foreign countries′ requests. Some of the countries are African Countries as Togo, Chad, Abidjan, Guinea, Asian Countries as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kirgizistan, Jordan, Lebanon and European Countries as Germany and Romania. OUR VISION Our vision is to be a company whích is trusted and has a global perspective, developing and self-renewing, focused on efficiency and customer satisfaction in the fast moving consumer goods sector.

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